Neon signs were introduced in the United States in the early 1920s. Neon lighting became popular in outdoor advertising shortly after because of its visibility even in daylight. In 1933, with the end of prohibition, neon signs really took off. Its brilliant light captures onlookers even today.

Neon signs are hand made using glass tubes, which are shaped using heat from gas fire. After the shape or word is bent, electrodes are added to the end. The neon unit is heated to about 325 degrees Centigrade (617F) to burn all impurities out. The neon unit is then evacuated and a very small amount of gas is put in.

The term neon sign is generally used for all of these types of signs when actually only red, orange, or pink can be produced with neon, a red gas. Argon, a blue gas, produces almost every other color, even some reds and pinks with the help of coatings either inside or outside the glass tube. Since neon red is the brightest and was the first and most widely used before the advent of coatings, signs are always referred to as neon signs even when there is no neon gas used. Other gases such as helium, xenon, and krypton are used rarely in some artistic applications. Most people wont use krypton because of the fear of harm to superman. The gases have no visible color, but when an electric current is hooked to the electrodes, the current going through the tube excites the gas and causes it to glow.

Neon signs can last for many years; breakage is about the only concern. We have a large collection of antique neon signs, including some dating back to the 1930s, which are still running great after 70 plus years. With residential use the transformer will last for many years, generally, as long as you own it. With commercial use, where the sign burns all day, even 24 hours a day, the transformer should last at least 5-10 years.

In our retail stores, the transformer is guaranteed for one year. The neon tubes are guaranteed for life with the exception of breakage. The neon tubes rarely burn out. After 26 years of dealing with neons, only a handful of signs were returned with a bad or defective tube. A defective tube rarely makes it past infancy.

Most signs come with hanging bracket on the back to offset the transformer. All neon signs can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling or set on a counter top or bar.

Our collections of neon signs have unique logos; they are the perfect addition to your home bar and make a great gift. If you are a breweriana collector, you will love the variety of brands that we carry.


Our Neon Clocks are a part of the neon signs category and are one of the most popular items we carry.
The neon clock body is made from steel and is powder coated to insure durability and a high gloss finish. It has a porcelain enamel or embossed tin face, reminiscent of the antique reproductions they represent.

The neon is a full circle, colored tube highlighting the detailed, colorful logo on the face. The clock has precision, quartz movement.
* Clock body is 18" in diameter
* The face is 10" in diameter
* The Neon is 12" in diameter
* weight 6 pounds.
* Neon is powered through a lightweight American made neon transformer with a on/off switch on the cord. This enables you to have the neon off without stopping the clock.
* The clock runs off one AA battery (not included).
* Neon clocks are priced at $199.
Here are some sample items from neon clocks:

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